Mission and Goals

Corpus Christi Literacy Council: Approved Mission Statement and Goals (Revised 6/19/2015)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Corpus Christi Literacy Council is to identify, develop, promote, coordinate, and deliver comprehensive programs and resources that will measurably reduce functional illiteracy in the Corpus Christi Bay Area.


I. Advocate the Importance of Literacy.

A. Inform the general public and targeted audiences of literacy needs and opportunities existing through local, state, and national programs to decrease illiteracy.

B. Promote literacy as a life enriching experience and as fundamental to the economic well being of individual citizens and the economy of our area.

II. Establish and Strengthen Programs To Combat Illiteracy.

A. Identify, recruit, train, and supervise volunteer tutors in established methods of reading instruction on a regularly scheduled basis.

B. Identify, recruit, evaluate, and tutor adults seventeen years and older who seek help with basic literacy skills.

C. Explore, develop and implement family literacy programs to enhance existing adult literacy programs.

D. Explore, develop and implement workplace literacy programs within the organization and with employers.

E. Identify and secure suitable sites for tutoring sessions.

F. Develop and maintain systems for organizational data management.

III. Maintain and Expand a Resource Center To Support Literacy Programs Throughout The Community.

A. Promote the development of family, workplace, and individual literacy initiatives.

B. Research and identify literacy needs, investigate new training methods, and plan future programs.

C. Research and disseminate local,state, and federal policies affecting literacy programs.

IV. Maintain an Independent Literacy Council as a Non-governmental Organization by Securing Multiple Funding Sources.