Tutoring FAQ

Do I have to know another language to teach English as a Second Language?

Not at all. We actually prefer that you don’t so we can teach you how to communicate with your student without relying on their first language.

Do I need a teaching certificate to teach literacy?

No.  We offer training to our tutors. You do not need teaching experience to tutor our students.  All you need is a willingness; we will provide the necessary tools.

We have tutors from various backgrounds. However, even those who teach at the college level must take our training workshop before being assigned a student.

Are there courses I can take online?

Yes.  ProLiteracy has some excellent courses you can take online. Check out their lesson plans and other helpful ideas (www.proliteracyednet.org).

How old are students in your program?

We work with adults, ages 17 and over, who are not enrolled in public school. That is why our training is so important. We train you to teach adults who learn differently from children.

What locations will I be teaching at (home, school, etc.)?

We recommend meeting at a neutral setting with regular appointments which promotes safety for both the student and the tutor, as well as, improves learning conditions for the student.  There are many churches and libraries in our area where you can safely meet your student. We recommend that you do not meet at the student’s or the tutor’s home.  We try to match you with a student who is located near your home or office so meeting is easy and convenient.

What if I don’t get along with my student? What if I decide this is not for me?

If you have difficulty with your student, the staff of the CCLC will provide suggestions to improve your relationship. Otherwise, we can certainly assign the student to a different tutor, and you to a different student.

How long does it take to get a student through the program?

Every student works at a different pace.  We ask that you consider at least one year’s commitment to our program, but we realize conditions may arise that require you to drop out.  Please call any time, and we will work out alternatives for your student.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee.  The training, books, and materials required for the course are at no cost.  The Council is a non-profit organization and continuously seek grants, donations, and other funding.