End of Year Fundraising

Improving Lives through Literacy

Corpus Christi Literacy Council has been improving the lives of adults and their families for over 33 years.  When CCLC helps adults learn to read, the whole family is lifted.

This wondrous season, please give the gift of literacy and help open the world to  an adult who will in turn raise children in a literate home, passing on your gift for generations to come!

Have a Merry, Joyous Holiday Season!



Imagine………not being able to read….

How would you gather information, use the internet, fill out a job application, or communicate with your child’s teacher?

Millions of Americans cannot read well enough to get two facts from a newspaper article. Even in this day and age, one American adult in seven is illiterate. Fortunately, there are ways to escape from that situation. CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts looks at some personal stories of illiteracy, including his own.

The functional illiteracy rate in Nueces County is 17%. That is almost one in five people. For a county by county description of the illiteracy rate in Texas, click here. The Corpus Christi Literacy Council has been teaching adults to read since 1986.

Nationwide, adult literacy programs are struggling with budget cuts. You can donate to the literacy council by clicking “Donate Now” on the left side of this page, or call our office. You can sponsor a program that will enable 50 students to get lessons on their phone ($800) or buy a workbook ($20). You choose how you will make this a better community.


Teach the Parent, Reach the Child*
*The phrase, “Teach the Parent, Reach the Child” comes from the Adult Reading Center in Pearland, TX. When we help an adult learn to read, we open doors for the whole family.

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