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Resources for ESL Students

Website uses fluencia (new Spanish learning program)

Other ways to practice your English and/or play games with your children

Multi-language learning site

For learning to read English, learn to read, ABC’s, it’s fun to read, I’m reading and more

Beginners level through advanced learning Spanish to English

Multi-language internet picture dictionary

Practice advanced English

Sign up, go to regular account, and choose your level (vocabulary and pronunciation)

Sign up, choose language you speak, and choose language you want to learn

(English), choose your category (matching words with pictures)

Find “free” under “upper intermediate English free”, sign up and continue to learn

English with a free account. Go to language you want to learn (English), and

click start (upper intermediate English).

Choose your language, choose English, go to right corner and click create a

profile, sign up, and begin tour and lessons (intermediate and advanced).

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